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Üzümsan A.Ş. is a sequel of the company Jozef E. Kohen, which was established in 1930. Three generations have been actually worked and are still working at the company.

Üzümsan A.Ş. is among the very first companies receiving a Quality Certificate in the industry and has a Quality Certificate experience of more than 20 years.

A Kosher Certificate which you will obtain in the direction of ÜzümsanA.Ş.willprovide the related company with prestige and respectability in the national and international markets.

Kosher Certificate at Üzümsan A.Ş.

We issue a kosher certificate issued by overseers approved by the Jerusalem-Israel Rabbinate with the highest quality and most comprehensive technical assistance for the most reasonable price in Turkey.

As we have an infrastructure in food business in terms of operations, we have a definite superiority as compared to all other organisations issuing kosher certificates. All of our overseers have a high level experience in food processing and this is the greatest assurance with which we may provide our customers.

Certificate indicating that our overseeing rabbis are approved by the Jerusalem-Israel Rabbinate and recognised by all the countries in the world: Annex - 1

Certificate issued by our accredited overseers approved by the Jerusalem-Israel Rabbinate are valid all over the world, including our country. It is unreal and groundless to allege that one organisation is only authorised for the issuance of a kosher certificate in our country. As a matter of fact, several kosher certification organisations based abroad issue kosher certificates valid in our country. The only approval and accreditation institution for kosher certificates being issued all over the world is the Jerusalem Rabbinate.

You can see all other accredited organisations authorised to issue kosher certificates in the attached file. Our company is the one highlighted in yellow in the list. That is to say, we are not distinguishable from the other companies issuing kosher certificates except for our price advantage. Annex-2

“Kosher Certificate” aims at providing you with expansive and reliable certification opportunities in the national and international scope as well as providing your brand and company with respectability and contribution in corporate structure and product/system certification in the national and international areas.

In our capacity as an international control and certification organisation, we have been one of the most reliable organisations of the industry through the activities we have been maintaining in a professional and impartial approach. We have an experience of a great many years and a large customer capacity expressing their satisfaction in the global Kosher market. We will be very happy to see you among such customers. Further, we have branch offices in USA, Italy and Israel other than in İzmir-Turkey and Munich-Germany.

You will be issued a Kosher Certificate through the quality control and certification department of the company Üzümsan A.Ş. The company Üzümsan A.Ş. works with quality overseers who are experienced in BRC, IFS, ISO 9000 and Halal certificates.

Our quality certificates: Annex-3

You may use the following communication form for any and all views of yours or contact us via the telephone numbers 00 90 232 435 51 81 - 00 90 232 435 51 91, Rakel Kohen via 0541 378 18 06 and AbidinNalbantoğlu via 0536 846 18 83.

Please make sure that you will not make any decision to obtain a Kosher Certificate before consulting us.