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Badatz Kosher is a very special VIP certificate. It is preferred especially by some religious groups living in Israel. A large part of devout Jews make use of Badatz Kosher products on religious holidays.

Badatz Your request is reviewed by our expert team in accordance with your certificate request. You will receive detailed information about the certification process together with the necessary information and documentation.

In order to start the Badatz Kosher application, the team of experts assigned by our company visits your company. In order to evaluate the area as Badatz kosher, our mashgichim (kosher expert) team visits your business and prepares reports for policy and plan preparation.

The Badatz certificate is not issued annually, as is the case for other kosher certificates, but only for a short period of time or on a party basis. Badatz products that you produce under the supervision and supervision of our expert team will be marked with our special seal and allow you to offer to your customers for your convenience.