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Kosher are those products that are not objectionable to eat and use in religious terms in Jewish faith. The rules identifying them are called Kashrut or Kashruth rules. The origin of the Kashrut Rules is the divine commandments in the Torah texts.

Some certain rules must be complied with in the process elapsing from the start of production to the consumption of products pursuant to the rules of the Jewish religion related to the consumption of foodstuff in accordance with faith.

The product production process is overseen by clergymen at companies in order to confirm the fitness of foodstuff for consumption. Kosher Certificates are issued to those products and companies that are considered to be in compliance with the Kashrut rules.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important issues which companies must pay utmost attention especially in the present day.

In these days when competition is intensively experienced almost in each and every industry, one of the features which distinguish companies from one another is undoubtedly customer satisfaction.

Customers demand quality products in the shopping they do and prefer those companies which they believe have such features. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Kosher products in the national and international markets.

As we, Üzümsan A.Ş., have an infrastructure in food business in terms of operations, we have a definite superiority as compared to all other organisations issuing kosher certificates. All of our overseers have a high level experience in food processing and this is the greatest assurance with which we may provide our customers.