Uzumsan was established by Efraim Cohen, Joseph Cohenís son, who followed the family tradition of foreign trade of dried fruits. The family tradition dates back to the end of the 19th century when the grandfather of Efraim Cohen became a shipping agent, which soon took on board a flourishing dried fruit business dealing in sultanas and figs. In 1930, Joseph Cohen built up the business from scratch again. Efraim joined in 1968, and since 1975 has poured increasing energies into the fig trade and finally in 1981 founded Uzumsan.

    Uzumsan exports 2500 tonnes of dried figs, 8000 tonnes of sultanas and 500 tonnes of dried apricots. Customers include various international dried fruit importers and agents across the world. Uzumsanís major markets include Germany, England and the Netherlands. Uzumsan also has markets in many parts of the world such as in France, in Switzerland, and in New Zealand.